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Date: October 1, 2023
From: Carol Rickard, LCSW
Re: Stress Rescue Masterclass

Let me ask you a something...


Have you ever been so stressed out that when you try to go sleep your mind won't shut off and it just keeps racing?

Do you find that your stress sometimes spills out on the wrong people?

Lastly, do you notice that the littlest things are starting to get to you?

If the answer is "Yes", then you'll want to keep reading...

Research has shown stress levels are at an all time high and significantly interfering with people's ability to function on a daily basis. 

APA's Recent Study Found:

76% of Adults Report Stress Has Impacted Their Health


59% Headache v3


57% Fatigue v3


56% anxious v3


57% depressed v3


53% CHanges Sleep v3

Sleep Issues

I Know Just What That's Like

It was 2002 when I found myself sitting in my doctor's office for the 3rd week in a row with another unbearable migraine. I was nervous I’d be fired for missing so much time at work.

It was on the last visit when my doctor asked: “Carol, what’s got you so stressed out?”

Now the embarrassing part was...

Here I worked in a hospital teaching stress management to patients & staff and my doctor's telling me I'm not doing a very good job myself. 

But I was doing everything I taught: 

  • I was exercising
  • Trying to eat healthy,
  • Spending time with family & friends,
  • And even volunteering.

The Problem Was... 

My work was so stressful the level would build up along the day & by 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon I'd end up with another horrible migraine. 


Desperate To Not Get Fired And End The Migraines...

I decided to start using some of the “tools” I was teaching for just 60 seconds throughout my work day. Sometimes, it was only 15 or 30 seconds because I was super busy with patients.

My hope was if I could keep my stress level from getting so high at work, it would make a difference.

And it did…

That following week was the 1st time in a month I didn’t get a migraine and leave work early. I kept using my system over the next couple months with the same amazing result:


Curious to find out if it was just a fluke, I began teaching this system to the patients and staff.

And to my surprise, found they too started having great success. Many reported cutting their stress & anxiety levels in 1/2!

That’s When I Realized I’d Discovered A Life-Changing Method

When we use the right tools in the right order, we can take control of stress & anxiety anytime, anywhere in just seconds!

I called this life-changing discovery the “Rapid Relief Method”.

Since then, I’ve gone on to teach this method and the tools to 1,000’s of people across the world and at many top organizations including:

I've also been a featured in various media:

How Many Of You Would Like To Learn This Life Changing Method?

Just imagine…

  • Being able to finally get a good night's rest…
  • No longer dumping stress on those you love…
  • Going through your day with a sense of calm & ease…
  • Being in total control of your health…

Here's the good news!

I’ve taken what I taught for years to companies and put it into a simple online video training.  

This 45-minute Special Masterclass teaches people the Rapid Relief Method and all the tools needed to take control of stress anytime, anywhere in just seconds!

Companies have paid thousands of dollars for this kind of training but that's not what you pay... Today you can get it for limited time at Charter Tuition of just $97. (Full tuition will be at $147)

Here's How It Works:

  1. Once you enroll, you have immediate access to the training.
  2. Each lesson is 5 minutes long with Carol personally teaching you a piece of the Rapid Relief Method and sharing tools you can begin using immediately. 
  3. Total length of the training is 45 minutes. 
  4. You complete it at your own pace: All at once or bit by bit.
  5. If you have any questions or need assistance, Carol is there for support.
  6. You have unlimited access to the training so you can come back and review at anytime.


Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn:

Lesson 1: Take Control

  • Why We Need To Take Action!

  • Identifying Your "Stress Style"

Lesson 2: Seeing The Invisible

  • Why It's Impossible To Stop Stress!

  • How Stress Can Help Us!

Lesson 3: The Rules For Success

  • How Most People Accidently Fail

  • Understanding Your "Brain Signals"

Lesson 4: Taking ACTION

  • FASTEST Way To Take Back Control!

  • The #1 Tool You Always Have

Lesson 5: More 60 Second Solutions

  • Immediately Quiet A Racing Mind

  • How "Mind-Pushups" Lead to Calm

Lesson 6: Follow The Freedom Map

  • Real Solutions For Today's World

  • How to Make Sure You Stay On Track

"I'm Making It My Mission To Help As Many People As I Can..."

Carol Rickard, LCSW

Stress Expert & Cancer Survivor

Carol is a Stage III cancer survivor who knows firsthand the enormous amount of stress that can show up in life. 

She knows how important it is having the right tools and strategies to help manage that stress, so it does not negatively impact your health, your relationships, and your success in life.


Carol's award-winning books and TV show have changed thousands of lives for the better by teaching real-world solutions for taking control of stress.  

You Need To Take Action On This... Limited Enrollment

Now's The Time To Reserve Your Spot

Companies must pay $2,959.00 for this training but today you won't pay anywhere close to that. In fact, you'll receive everything for a whole lot less. Because it's been recorded, I can make it affordable for everyone! 

If you register right now the cost for Stress Rescue Masterclass is not even hundreds of dollars... it's only $97 when you register today at charter tuition rate.

100% No-Risk - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in Stress Rescue 100%. If you don't think this was worth your investment, we will refund your purchase 100%. Simply contact our friendly customer service department and we'll promptly refund your purchase.  If you are like the rest of the clients we work with, we know you'll absolutely love it!

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